Tricks and Tips

City mania: tips to build the best creative and green city

City mania is one of the best game to show creativity in gaming platform and allows players to show how far they can go in the creative field. The game is based on developing a town from low level to high, and players are tasked to plan buildings and customize them and add new resources. The player can add anything that required developing a city, adding character is totally a new concept. Players can add unlimited currencies from City Mania Cheats and online store as well.

Construct houses, factories and shops

Players can make hundreds of cute, unique buildings and expend their town from a tiny city. Creativity is the key in the game, constructing towers, government buildings like hospitals, police offices and more. A brief explanation is down below –

§  Residential buildings – players are allowed to raise the population through residential buildings. Mostly residential buildings needs services to continue function, missing services will lose the population from town.

§  Government services buildings – Government buildings play a major role in the game, they provide some special features in the city. List of few government buildings are – Treasury, central HQ, juice plant, Bizzie bureau.

§  Factories – Factories manufacture Raw Materials to operate process business works. Factories unlock after reach at a certain level and can be purchased by coin. Factories can be upgraded, and after upgrade they produce high coins and raw materials also players can try City Mania Cheats to obtain coins.

§  Service buildings – Service buildings provide various types of services to buildings of your city. Bizzies are also part of many services buildings; Bizzies contribute various types of services and rewards.